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Dental Braces

Dental Braces

Treatment with braces can reduce your tooth wear and damage. Misalignment can affect the structure of your teeth and on occasion produce neck pain and headaches. A braces before and after perspective provides you renewed confidence as well. And today’s treatment options allow you to straighten your teeth without discomfort or appearing unattractive.

Orthodontics Treatment


  • Braces correct the common issues associated with your bite. Improper alignment can cause your teeth to shift, appear overcrowded, or create unhealthy gaps. Treatment with braces applies gentle pressure to your teeth.
  • The gradual movement brings them back into their proper position over time.
  • The type of braces that are recommended or that you choose will determine how your teeth will gradually move. For example, traditional metal braces apply the necessary, gentle pressure via the use of wires and brackets.


  • The condition of your bite and the severity of your tooth misalignment determine your proper braces solution.
  • Each braces type will uniquely provide you straight, healthy teeth.
  • Metal braces are among the most common options. Other braces solutions include clear, tooth-colored braces and removable braces such as Invisalign.


  • There’s no doubt that traditional, ‘train-tracks’ have an image problem.
  • This is unfortunate, because fixed metal braces are highly effective when it comes to fixing crooked teeth.


Discreet ceramic braces still rely on the traditional wire tracks, but they are now available with white, or transparent brackets. Ceramic braces can even be fitted with white wires, making them even more discreet than traditional ‘train tracks’.

Though ceramic braces may take a little longer to bring your teeth into line than their metal counterparts, many more adults in INDIA and the INDIA are choosing this affordable option.


Bringing your teeth into proper alignment takes time. Most braces treatment takes approximately 24 months. Your treatment will occur in three phases.

The pre-treatment phase allows your dentist to determine if braces will correct your alignment issues and the type of braces that will deliver the results.

During the active treatment phase you will wear your recommended braces.

This phase of treatment will involve from 12 to 24 months, again depending on the type of braces your require.

Once your braces are removed you will then enter the retention phase of your treatment.

A retainer will be necessary to keep your aligned teeth in their proper, healthy position.

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